I'll Do The Dishes Later

Ciao Time - Homework:

I’ve been terribly diligent guys.  I’m really putting in the time on this one, and today I did my homework, which involved a lot of driving (thanks, husband) and a lot of sniffing. 

Today was cheese shopping day, which thus far has not been declared a federal holiday, but I may do one of those White House Petition thingies and see where it leads.  Up Nawth, just past Cincinnati is The Most Wonderful Store In The World, Jungle Jim’s - a FIVE ACRE grocery - and what a grocery!  You know how most stores have an “international” aisle, which consists of Barilla, Kikkoman, and Old El Paso?  JJ’s has an Italian department.  And a German one.  Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, Norway, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and on and on and on.  It’s got the biggest wine and beer department you’ve ever seen, dozens of varieties of butter, exotic meats, and the cheeses!  My stars, what a lot of cheeses!  But best of all, they have The Big Cheese:image

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Do You Believe In Magic?:

As it’s the weekend of the summer solstice, and as I’m doing nothing more ambitious than grilling burgers, I decided to play around with dark magic this weekend.  Or, I found a recipe for homemade Magic Shell ice cream topping and thought it would be fun to try.   The good folks at Serious Eats provided the following recipe:

8 oz. dark chocolate

1 cup coconut oil

6 tablespoons light corn syrup

(Of course all chocolate recipes call for 8 oz. or 12 oz., and chocolate chips come in 10 oz. bags only, requiring me to eat my way down to 8 oz.)

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Ugh. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

So.  The blogging networks don’t want me.  That has been made clear.  Maybe it’s because I tend to swear a little.  Okay, a lot.  Maybe it’s because my little blog isn’t food-porntastic, due to my poor photography skills.  Maybe it’s just bad luck.  The truth is I know that this isn’t your typical food blog.  It’s not well organized with recipes and categories - it’s just me cooking stuff and bitching about it.  But in the interest of “increasing my web presence”, I’ve decided to join Twitter.  In short, I’ve decided to become and A-hole and say things like “Follow me on Twitter!” and “increasing my web presence.”  I promise to keep the hashtags to a minimum.


White Sangria

Sorry (again) for the long absence.  My ego was struck down hard by my third (third!) rejection from a blogging network.  I’ve decided I don’t need fame and fortune.  I just need you guys, my kitchen, and a few drinks to tide me over.  Right?  RIGHT?  I also made a complicated meal and carefully photographed each step, then it turned out just medium-okay, so that was a whole week wasted.

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