I'll Do The Dishes Later

Much Meat:

There is much, much meat going on in my house right now.  Stay tuned for exciting carnivorous adventures as I try to recreate Vacation Stew.  (Stew!  I still can’t believe I ordered stew at a restaurant!  What was I thinking?  But it turned out SO good.)

Thinking Outside the Back of the Box: Hot Pimiento Cheese Bacon Dip

Thinking Outside the Back of the Box:  Hot  Pimiento Cheese Bacon Dip

Back of the box recipes are a national treasure - really.  I know I’ve poked fun at cream-of-something soups before, but when it comes to convenience cooking, it doesn’t get much easier than reading a recipe off the back of a package.  It serves as inspiration, menu planning, and even a shopping list right there in the store.  (Pretty hi-falutin’ talk for someone who believes that pre-shredded cheese is for Hufflepuffs.) 

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Dishes Takes A Vacation:

Hey guys - I’ve been on a much-needed vacation for the last week.  I ate some great things, some terrible things, got inspired, got grossed out, and had a wonderful time altogether.  I may put the pizza on hold for a bit to explore a dish that blew my mind (stew, of all the dumb, weirdo things to get excited about.  Really, really amazing stew.)  I’m going to review a (gasp!) frozen pizza, and discuss the ins and outs and ups and downs of trying to cook without my own kitchen (pantry, fridge, gadgets, etc.)  And I’ll make some more pizza, I promise!  But now I need the clichéd vacation-from-vacation, must tend to my 16,000 mosquito bites, mountain of laundry, and start trying to reverse some of the sun damage I’ve inflicted upon myself.  In the meantime, please enjoy this freak example of me taking a good photograph for once. 

Pump Up The Jam

Homemade Raspberry Jam and Blueberry-Lemonade Jam, yall!

(Alternate title 1: Raspberry Beret)

(Alternate title 2: My Brand of Crazy)

(Alternate title 3: Blueberries for Salmon Rushdie) (No - that’s too obscure a reference, and doesn’t really make any sense.)

(Alternate title 4: In which our intrepid cook rants and rambles about poultry plumping, veers into accusations of conspiracy at the farmer’s market, then eventually makes a big effing mess for no real reason besides a bargain.)

(Alternate title 5: In which our intrepid blogger realizes that she’s getting awfully wordy, and these posts may be getting too long entirely, but it’s absolutely pissing down rain today and I don’t have anything else to do, so please bear with me.)

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Ciao Time #3 - St. Louis Style Pizza

Ciao Time #3 - St. Louis Style Pizza


Guys, I’ve been laaaazy.  It’s been almost impossible to drag my butt away from the computer long enough to top a homemade dough with tomatoes and cheese.  It’s also been restaurant week, so I’ve been eating out a lot.  And work has sucked.  And my kitchen is filthy and I don’t want to clean it.  And about a million other excuses.  Plus my soul is crying out for pot roast over buttered noodles.  When my soul cries out for beef, I usually assume that I’m becoming anemic and need the iron.   Strangely I become anemic at least three times a week.  But last week my soul cried out for chicken wings, and who knows the medical reason for that?  (If you can think of a physiological reason why my body should require chicken wings, please let me know in the comments so I can begin taking them medicinally.)

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Ciao Time - Homework:

I’ve been terribly diligent guys.  I’m really putting in the time on this one, and today I did my homework, which involved a lot of driving (thanks, husband) and a lot of sniffing. 

Today was cheese shopping day, which thus far has not been declared a federal holiday, but I may do one of those White House Petition thingies and see where it leads.  Up Nawth, just past Cincinnati is The Most Wonderful Store In The World, Jungle Jim’s - a FIVE ACRE grocery - and what a grocery!  You know how most stores have an “international” aisle, which consists of Barilla, Kikkoman, and Old El Paso?  JJ’s has an Italian department.  And a German one.  Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, Norway, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and on and on and on.  It’s got the biggest wine and beer department you’ve ever seen, dozens of varieties of butter, exotic meats, and the cheeses!  My stars, what a lot of cheeses!  But best of all, they have The Big Cheese:image

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Do You Believe In Magic?:

As it’s the weekend of the summer solstice, and as I’m doing nothing more ambitious than grilling burgers, I decided to play around with dark magic this weekend.  Or, I found a recipe for homemade Magic Shell ice cream topping and thought it would be fun to try.   The good folks at Serious Eats provided the following recipe:

8 oz. dark chocolate

1 cup coconut oil

6 tablespoons light corn syrup

(Of course all chocolate recipes call for 8 oz. or 12 oz., and chocolate chips come in 10 oz. bags only, requiring me to eat my way down to 8 oz.)

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